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The Braille Institute was founded over 100 years ago in 1919 by accidental gunshot survivor J. Robert Atkinson. Left blind by his injuries he went on to learn Braille, publish a braille magazine and distribute braille works through the National Library Service. He began what we know as the Braille Institute. Today the Braille Institute has locations across California, mobile formats, and virtual services. The Braille Institute works tirelessly to provide the visually impaired and blind with free resources, workshops and events.

Braille Institute’s Youth Services Program provides services to youth by way of workshops. The participants are primarily youth of color and are from low-income areas. Their goals for 2022 were to serve 44 students and upgrade their library to accommodate the new need for remote learning. In addition to their goals of increasing access to their invaluable resources, they hosted a virtual support group for families. The Braille Institute also made a remarkable impact with their “I’m Going to College” days, where blind and visually impaired youth got to explore their options when it came to being successful in higher education. This program was remarkable because it unlocked new opportunities for youth.

During COVID-19, Braille was forced to deliver programming on a remote basis. This increased the need for services and capacity. Through our grant the Braille Institute was able to expand their youth services:

“[L.L. Foundation for Youth’s] generous $100,000 grant allowed us to think inspirationally and grow the scope and number of our activities for the year. We were able to promote our Youth Assistant to Youth Specialist/Instructor and hire a new Youth Assistant in her place while adding more hours to the position.”

In addition to this, L.L. Foundation for Youth provided funds to support the renovations and additions to the Braille Institute Library.

L.L. Foundation for Youth is proud to be part of the Braille Institute and grateful for the opportunity to support such a rich, life-enhancing programs.

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Founded in 1993 after the LA Unrest, A Place Called Home (APCH) remains a staple in the world of community support and improvement. APCH started with the intention of creating a safe space for the violence and gang-affected youth of South Los Angles. APCH has evolved with the needs of South Central’s youth and young adults. Supportive programming includes education, mental health counseling, scholarships, and more. At the heart of APCH is the commitment to restoring feelings of safety and support needed in childhood and youth.

At APCH youth and their families get a chance to define their life path. Youth and young adults are supported as they complete school and gain meaningful employment. Members are taught socio-emotional skill sets that enable them to positively interact with the world. APCH empowers their members to move their lives forward; reducing the likelihood of criminal behavior. The impact is fundamental to members’ success and has tremendous impact.

L.L. Foundation for Youth had the opportunity to step in and support APCH in 2021. Through our support they were able to serve over 100 youth traveling to and from off-site field trips. On these trips youth attended an array of supportive opportunities ranging from mentoring to entrepreneurship coaching. Youth were able to receive specialized support and instruction in math, English and science. Another critical offering of these trips was the opportunity to explore topics including identity and self-esteem through the LIFE mentoring program. These trips are so significant because they serve as a pathway for youth to be able to participate in supportive services that aim to provide them with the skills needed to thrive. In addition to these trips, APCH was able to provide 22 college-aged youth with technology needed to succeed in college through their APCH Shaheen Scholars program.

We applaud the work of A Place Called Home and their place as a pillar of the South Central community. In nearly three decades they have supported over 20,000 families and youth.

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