What is the L.L. Foundation for Youth?

L.L. Foundation for Youth is a charitable organization that provides grants to tax-exempt organizations that assist young people during the transition from youth to adulthood. For more about us, visit L.L. Foundation for Youth’s About page

Who operates the L.L. Foundation for Youth?

Our President and CEO, Renate Kreger-Hochleitner, has been with us since our founding in 2018 and has assembled a dedicated, passionate team of individuals with whom she manages the foundation. You’ll find a full list of L.L. Foundation’s Board of Directors on our About page.

Does L.L. Foundation Or Youth make grants to individuals?

No, we do not make grants to individuals.

How does the L.L. Foundation for Youth provide assistance?

In order to make the biggest impact on today’s youth and future generations, we offer grants to Southern California-based tax exempt organizations with an emphasis on medical, mental health and education assistance.

Who is eligible to receive an L.L. Foundation for Youth grant?

Tax-exempt organizations located in Southern California are eligible for grants from L.L. Foundation for Youth. Organizations located outside of Southern California may only apply by invitation. We do not accept personal applications from individuals. To see if your nonprofit qualifies, please review our guidelines or click here to take our pre-application questionnaire.

Does L.L. Foundation for Youth provide scholarships?

L.L. Foundation for Youth does not offer scholarships to individuals directly, but we do offer grants to scholarship organizations.

When can you apply for a grant from L.L. Foundation for Youth?

You can apply for a grant during either of our two funding cycles.

  • Applications accepted between January 1 – March 15 will be awarded grants before June 30.
  • Applications accepted between July 1 – September 15 will be awarded grants before December 31.

Does L.L. Foundation for Youth accept donations?

No, not at this time.

What are the requirements for receiving a grant from L.L. Foundation for Youth?

Once you’ve received a grant from L.L. Foundation for Youth, reporting is requested at the 6-month mark (or halfway point) of the project and upon conclusion of the project’s funding period. Additional grant applications will not be considered without both of these reports.

What geographical areas does L.L. Foundation for Youth serve?

Southern California.

Are multi-year grants available?

Yes, typically for repeat grantees.

What are your reporting requirements?

At 6 months we require a 30 minute meeting via Zoom to share your experience, number served to date, and identify what is working and areas requiring additional support. At 12 months, the end of the year, or end of project we require a written report (form will be provided).

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