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Since 1942, Didi Hirsch has been serving communities in Southern California. They aim to promote mental wellness, prevent suicide, and break through the stigmas associated with mental illness. Didi Hirsch’s work spans beyond their clinical work in mental health as they have several programs and initiatives dedicated to serving their diverse communities. These partnerships expand access to mental health care and drive innovation in addressing mental health challenges. Their commitment to mental health shows through their comprehensive services, dedication to diversity, and community engagement efforts. 

Emerging adulthood is marked by growth, change, and at times strong emotions. The Didi Hirsch Teen Line acknowledges this sensitive time and acts as a safe space for teens in crisis. The Teen Line is a space for teens to seek support, resources, and hope through professionally trained teen counselors. L.L. Foundation for Youth was able to support Didi Hirsch through providing support to facilitate their Mental Health Services’ Teen Line.  The teen counselors go through extensive training with licensed professionals that teach them skills like crisis management and suicide assessment. These trained teen counselors are available on a hotline from 6-10PM PST every night to respond to calls, text, and emails from other teens in need. Being able to speak with another teen provides powerful support for teens in crisis. The Teen Line program also provides education opportunities for parents and caregivers on mental health and warning signs of suicide. The Teen Line is so unique because it is a space that enables teens to get support by other teenagers who can empathize with them. This approach fosters an additional sense of safety and understanding that can be difficult to achieve during these sensitive times in one’s life. 

The Teen Line program is essential because it aims to help teens tackle the issues that tend to emerge in this part of their lives and provide hope. Didi Hirsch has trained over 2,000 high school students to be figures in their communities through providing a safe space and mental health support. L.L. Foundation for Youth is proud to partner with such an impactful organization.