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Children of the Night is an organization like no other. Established in 1979 by Lois Lee, Children of the Night was created to provide intervention, case management and resources for children who are sexually exploited and as a result involved in various forms of prostitution and pornography. Children of the Night has solidified its place as one of the most successful organizations tackling the specific needs of sex-trafficked youth as they have maintained a 70% – 80% success rate. Children of the Night is also responsible for putting hundreds of their program participants through college and other forms of continued education.  

The fight for victims of sex trafficking continues to the present day and L.L. Foundation for Youth was proud to contribute to this mission. Children of the Night works hard to help victims reimagine their lives and regain a sense of normalcy. L.L. Foundation for Youth was able to fund additional case management services. Cases managers here provide around the clock services that help victims get access to medical help, medication, and other social service benefits as well as access to mental health care to help with extensive trauma. Having this level of support is crucial to a brighter future for sex trafficking victims.  

In addition to case management, youth involved with Children of the Night are given opportunities to continue, finish, and extend their education through various tutoring programs we were able to support with. Children of the Night residents were required to attend schooling through the week and got to participate in various activities. At the end of those weeks, students got to participate in fun activities like visiting amusement parks and the beach. Children of the Night provides the educational foundations needed for its participants to get high school diplomas and go on to begin college, vocational schooling and many other forms of higher education. With education being a major piece of rehabilitation for these youth, Children of the Night has created global tutoring programs for victims across the world. 

L.L. Foundation for Youth commends Children of the Night and is proud to support them in their goal of rescuing sex trafficked children.