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Deep Springs College is a unique place for higher learning that grounds itself on the values of academia, self-governance, and manual labor. They commit to covering full tuition, room and board for their students. The college is located on an isolated cattle ranch in Deep Springs Valley and was created with the intention of preparing young people for a life of service to humanity. The unique curriculum challenges students to take responsibility for themselves and their communities. Deep Springs College alumni have gone on to be Rhode Scholars, politicians and have served in a variety of other high-impact careers. 

L.L. Foundation for youth was greatly inspired by this model. After discussions with Deep Springs, we made the first gift to the Endowment of and a multi-year program commitment to the Summer Session. The summer session is the cornerstone of Deep Springs Curriculum and is attended by all students. This was so critical because the summer semester is where students get their first academic experiences at Deep Springs.  

Despite being in a league of their own in the world of higher education, the challenges they face are not completely different from traditional colleges. The challenges they experienced ranged from managing COVID cases on campus and maintaining staff and faculty positions. Deep Springs views these obstacles in alignment of their core value of students exercising problem-solving capabilities. The curriculum at Deep Springs invites students to be self-reliant in ways that will serve them in the future.  

L.L. Foundation for Youth has committed to multi-year support of Deep Springs College. Deep Springs often finds support and funding from generous alumni and friends that believe in their mission but this partnership with L.L. Foundation for Youth has exposed them to the other funding possibilities that exist to support them in their work.