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City of Hope is an organization dedicated to the research and development of life-changing treatments for cancer. They strive to transform the future of cancer care and work diligently to not only support patients through treatment but also their caregivers and family members. City of Hope combines cutting-edge research, compassion, and innovation to create hopeful realities for all impacted. While the City of Hope exists in several locations across the United States, L.L. Foundation for Youth had the opportunity to directly support the team located in Southern California.  

Statistics show that one out of every 20 new cancer diagnoses are found in adolescents and young adults (AYAs) between the ages of 15 and 39. Emerging adulthood is a time often marked by exciting life transitions that a cancer diagnosis can derail. AYA cancer patients are faced with emotional challenges associated with not being able to participate in the major coming of age milestones and no longer feeling a sense of control over their lives. City of Hope helps to support youth experiencing these challenges through their AYA Patient Navigator Program. This program creates a safe space for youth to overcome barriers related to their diagnosis and aims to increase their quality of life. This program provides a strong foundation for AYAs with a cancer diagnosis to become active participants in their journey.  

L.L. Foundation for Youth has been integral to the support of hiring new AYA navigators who are responsible for supporting youth through this unique journey. This role will be responsible for connecting patients to support services and continuing to build out the core of this program. The Patient Navigator Program aims to enroll 50 AYAs impacted by their cancer diagnosis.  

In addition to the ongoing work to build out a strong infrastructure for the AYA Patient Navigator program, the City of Hope received public recognition for their research efforts. Dr. Saro Armenian was awarded the American Society of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology (ASPHO) Frank Oski Lectureship which recognizes exceptional investigators in pediatric hematology and oncology. In May of 2023 he will have an opportunity to give a lecture at the annual ASPHO meeting in May 2023, where the innovative work supported by the L.L. Foundation for Youth, including the AYA Patient Navigator Program will be mentioned.  

We at L.L. Foundation for Youth are so honored to participate in these life-changing opportunities for cancer patients.